Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ke$ha talks about Glastonbury, Britney Spears and her next album

Pop starlet Ke$ha is one of the realest in the game! Not only that, but she is truly talented but she also has sex appeal. The Queen of glitter sat down with her fansite ‘Ke$ha Daily’ to speak about her gig at Glastonbury, Beyonce, collecting fan’s teeth (blank stare), her desire to tour with Britney Spears, and what to expect on her second album.

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You’re about to take the stage at Glastonbury. How are you feeling about performing at such an iconic festival?
I’m so excited about Glastonbury! It’s always epitomised success in my mind. It’s really exciting. I’ve wanted to play it for ages.

Considering it’s traditionally been a rock and indie festival, do you think the fact that more dance and pop acts are performing means the genres are being taken more seriously these days?
I’d never really thought of it like that but perhaps, and I love that because writing a pop song that can be successful all over the world in countries that don’t even speak English and connect to people. I have respect for people who can write amazing pop songs in the same way that I have respect for somebody who can write incredible indie music and rock’n’roll. I think there’s a craft to writing all different kinds of music.

What do you think about Beyonce headlining?
I’m a massive fan! I’ve always wanted to see her in concert, actually. Oh my god, her Billboard performance? Incredible.

You’ve also been quoted as saying you would like to join Britney on her new tour. Do you think that’s likely?
Well, if we’re ever in the same city at the same time then I’ll totally crash her tour!

You obviously wrote Till The World Ends and gave it to Britney. Is there a Britney song from her back catalogue that you wish had been yours to perform?
I’m obsessed with the song Toxic. I think it’s one of the best pop songs ever written.

You write all your own songs, as well for other people. Is it easier or harder to write for someone else?
It’s very different. I enjoy it. I like being able to put my brain into other people’s brain. I’ve written for Miley Cyrus and Britney and a bunch of other people and it’s fun to change it up a bit. When I’m writing for myself it’s really personal and very, very honest. When I’m writing for other people, I try to put myself in their shoes.

You’ve featured on singles with 3OH!3, Andre 300 and Taio Cruz. Are there any female artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
I love Adele. I’ve been listening to her recently and she’s so talented. I’d love to meet her. She’s amazing.

Your EP, Cannibal, was released in the UK earlier this year. Do you have a favourite track, and has that changed since doing the Sleazy tour and playing the tracks live?
I have never written such an intimate song as The Harold Song so I’m really proud of that one. I always like to talk sh*t and have my bad ass front, but that song is very genuine and very honest and very vulnerable. I do like that song a lot. I think that’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. Playing it live can be hard to sing because it’s so real.

Rolling Stone magazine said the EP proves you “would kick Lady Gaga’s ass in a freestyle battle.” Do you think that’s true and how do you feel about being compared to other female artists?
Y’know, I get it all the time. I get compared to everyone and their brother. I’m really not trying to be anyone else. I’m rapping when I wanna rap, I’m singing when I wanna sing, I’m screaming when I wanna scream. Compare me to whoever you want and comparing me to a successful, strong woman like Lady Gaga is a huge compliment but I do think I’m very different to anybody out right now. Everyone has their talent but I think what I bring is very different.

A track called Tease Me by you recently leaked on the internet. Is it an offcut from Cannibal or a brand new track?
Yeah, I’ve written so many songs and honestly I know this sounds like bullsh*t but I’ve been writing since I was sixteen and I don’t even remember writing that song! I listened to and I was like, “that is me…” but I don’t remember writing it. I’ve written hundreds of songs, hundreds, and Tease Me must have been from when I was seventeen, eighteen. It’s a cool song though!

Have you started working on a fully-fledged second album yet?
I have! I’ve been writing as I’ve been touring and traveling the world and having all these crazy experiences! I’ve been writing a lot! I haven’t gone into the studio but all I know is that the next record is definitely going to have an extremely visceral attitude to do it.

Its been announced that TiK ToK was the biggest selling digital single in the world last year. How does that feel? Is that difficult to get your head around?
All the statistics go over my head. It’s very flattering but it’s not something I focus on. The thing I take most seriously is writing good music and performing for my fans and really connecting with them. That’s the most important thing to me. Even if I only perform to ten people, I take it just as seriously and give 100% to the point where I feel like I’m going to vomit! That statistic is amazing though – I didn’t even know that!

What is it about that song that seemed to connect with so many people?
It’s probably because I’m just being a total jackass! It’s really fun at a time when the world has been having our issues and its been rough for a lot of people, financially speaking. That song brings a ridiculous energy to the world. I love it.

Finally, on Twitter you’ve been talking about collecting fan’s teeth – tell us more…
I’m making something amazing but I can’t tell you what it is yet! I’ve collected over 300 teeth already and I still want more! I’m going to make something really magical. I have a whole box of teeth. I’m still collecting them and I would love for my fans to send me more. The address is on my Twitter!

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