Sunday, 17 July 2011

Jessica Mauboy is "Inescapable" in new video

Australian Hottie Jessica Mauboy premiered the music video for her single “Inescapable”, which serves as the leading single off of her “Get Em Girl’s” re-release. We all know that the album flopped, so this song should once again ignite interest in the singer’s album.

The hard-clapping, lightly-layered synth song serves the singer justice, as it allows her rich vocals to blend in quite well with the track. Visually, the video was low-budgeted, yet she improvised with what she had. It’s just her and her two back up dancers in the video, with a guy strapped to a chair and her singing in an open cage. She seems to have had a blast in the video, so she gets extra points!

You can watch the video of her amazing single below. 

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