Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Paramore's New Video Is A "Monster"

Paramore's Hayley Williams in their "Monster" video
After the Farro brothers drama that surrounded Paramore, many fans questioned whether Paramore would be able to fend off the drama, move on, and remain successful; or fall into oblivion like a lot of bands.

Well, to be honest, they’ve just proven to us that they are here to stay! I might sound rude, but, although the Farro brothers are gone, I love this new Paramore. The departure of the brothers makes this new Paramore’s sound a bit darker and more mature. The newly-debuted Paramore premiered the video for their “Monster” single, which, like the title, is a monster! I’ve had this song playing on my phone ever since I got it!

The video starts off with the band waking up in a burnt hospital, only to run for their lives. This is thanks to their alter-egos, who are knocking on the walls of a dilapidated room. The video is intersected with scenes of the band half-submerged in water and ends off with the band walking into the same room as their alter-egos. It’s amazing and makes you wonder what the real reasons were for the Farro brothers leaving. It’s as if the video tries to tell us that something conjured, leading to the falling out. However, the band seems to have grown from the situation and plans on doing just that: produce good music.

You can check it out below. 

Source: [MTV] [Ultimate-Guitar]

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