Friday, 9 September 2011

Cassie Previews New Single 'King Of Hearts'

It was announced that Cassie would be returning from her long hiatus with a single called 'King Of Hearts'. Well the single has leaked in snippet form and was clearly made to blaze up dancefloors and iPods! It's safe to say that Cassie heard the cries of her indie fan base that have been smudging her gelid vocals over their remix's and is back to slay the underground scene with these new songs.

It has been years since we last heard from the Bad Boy Princess. We were treated with not only one, but three and a third songs this week! The first two songs, 'Make You A Believer' and 'Radio', were released off Bad Boys official mixtape "The Preview", while "Don't Lose It (your wig)" was leaked in demo form. How can you not be Cassiefied?

"Electro Love" will continue Cassie's mass slayage later this year!

P.S. I couldn't find a link to the snippet ever since it was blocked in my country. I can't use any file sharing sites as well so you'll have to hear the song over at This Is R&B.

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