Friday, 9 September 2011

Kelly Clarkson Is Coming Back 'Stronger'

Brace yourselves people...Kelly Clarkson is back!

The singer recently revealed the album cover for "Stronger", her upcoming album which is bound to move a threshold of copies. Preceded by the lead single 'Mr Know It All', the album is currently booked for a release date of Octover 24, a day before it's original date.

The black-and-white cover features gold accents and shows the Queen of Diversity striking a sophisticated pose, holding a golden chain that is connected to a ring placed around her middle finger, where the success of your faves lie around.

'Mr Know It All' is shaping up to be a pretty big hit as it has debuted at No.30 on the Adult charts and is nicely sitting in the top 5 of the iTunes store.

Who'da thought knew a Bruno Mars-rip off would become this huge? (I did!)

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