Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gym Class Heroes Delivers The Best Lyrical Video For "Ass Back Home"

Riding off the success of their top ten single “Stereo Hearts”, Gym Class Heroes are back with a new video for their single “Ass Back Home”. It seems like the perfect song to release because it could help future pop star Neon Hitch.

Yes, I couldn’t stand Neon Hitch but after “Bad Dog”couldn't help but warm up to her. Every song ever released since has attracted me even more to the long lost cousin of Ke$ha.

Let’s stay on topic and continue to praise Gym Class Heroes’ new video. It takes the stance of a lyrical video with intersected scenes of the simple life of a couple, who incorporate the lyrics as they live their lives of a normal suburban couple. It’s a fresh way of depicting that the smallest things we do for people count more than what the world can offer us.

The song is also a winner in my books! Starting things off with island-flavoured strummed chords, the song kick starts into a Benny Blanco head-bumping guitar-driven chorus before reverting back into the island sound. It stays in the lane of the Heroes’ sound while showing off the sounds of Benny without a trace of the electro trash radio shoves down our throats.

Lets giver Neon Hitch her first hit and download this song once it gets released!

The Papercut Chronicles ll is set for a release date of November 15, 2011. 

Source via Fly Guy Music

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