Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Katy Perry Wants Those Sympathy Sales With "The One That Got Away" Acoustic

If slashing the price of your single to $0.69 and releasing a $0.99 B.O.B cut-and-paste remix does not help you sustain a #1 hit record, what should be one’s last resort?

Well, according to Katy Perry, release an acoustic version of your single, while the publicity received from your failed marriage is still scorching hot, so that people can sympathize with you and rush over to iTunes to buy your single!

I mean, come on, it’s “real music”!

You do know what that means right? Yip, Katy has released yet another version of her droopy mid-tempo “One That Got Away”. I personally thought that the song was weak but it has since grown onto me and this version might make me love it more. It’s just Katy whining and showing emotion in the song, backed up by light guitar strumming and re-recorded vocals.

Oh, how Michael must be turning in his grave, knowing how desperate Katy is to break his historic record.

Source: Dssence

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