Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Listen To Emeli Sandé 'Our Version Of Events' LP Sampler

It’s sad to know that the latest LP sampler of the 2012 Brits Critic’s Choice winning singer/songwriter Emeli Sandé is only 20-25 seconds long. God knows that we need music from artists of the likes of Emeli.

I can’t believe I slept on this girl and only gave her a chance thanks to a friend. I’ve been addicted to “Next To Me” ever since I heard it, with a classic Motown sound and meticulous lyrics. Her album sounds like a bag of sophisticated urban-pop songs that has enough pop elements sprinkled over them. I hear drum-and-bass, Motown, soul, folk, pop, acoustic, everything that I need right now!

Was Amy Winehouse and Adele an influence during the production of this album? If the world can hear this, I’m sure we’ll have another global superstar.

Listen to the sampler below and be amazed.

1.                  Heaven
2.                  My Kind Of Love 
3.                  Where I Sleep 
4.                  Mountains 
5.                  Clown 
6.                  Daddy
7.                  Maybe
8.                  Suitcase
9.                  Breaking The Law
10.              Next To Me
11.              River
12.              Lifetime
13.              Hope
14.              Read All About It (Pt. III)

'Our Version Of Events' will be out 13 February, 2012. 

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