Friday, 13 January 2012

Rihanna Selects "Talk That Talk" As Next Single

Rihanna has put the future of her latest appalling album, ‘Talk That Talk’, in the hands of her fellow navy. After receiving and counting all the votes via Facebook and Twitter, Rihanna announced that the title track “Talk That Talk” would be released.

Sitting in a squatting position, the young chart-topper is seen wearing a denim garb in the black-and-white cover. Her curly hairstyle is held together thanks to a bandana that she probably stole from a bandit, and the cigarette that was seen on the “You Da One” cover is replaced with a toothpick to deviate from any social taboo.  

Fans would know that “Talk That Talk” features Blue Ivy’s daddy Jay-Z, who delivers a less-than-enthusiastic verse that Blue Ivy probably helped him write in exchange for a chart record. “Talk That Talk” sounds like a replica of her massive single “Rude Boy”, and it’s no surprise that it does since Ester Dean and Stargate are responsible for creating both records.

“Talk That Talk” is actually a very good choice. “You Da One” has not exceeded as planned and “We Found Love” is still a juggernaut on the charts. This single could keep the momentum going for Rihanna’s album as the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s child has sparked interest in the media, and a Jay-Z feature could be all Rihanna needs to make this song a hit.

However, I hope that “Where Have You Been” is the next single, as “Rated R” rejects won’t help Rihanna's her career flourish...  

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