Sunday, 5 February 2012

Girls' Generation Slay America With "The Boys" Performance On Live! With Kelly And David Letterman

Girl’s Generation, also famously known as SNSD, were instructed by SM Entertainment to go on a US promo blitz to entertain Americans on The Late Show with David Letterman and Live! with Kelly to promote their song “The Boys”, since the rest of the world forgot about how a real performance looks like. The world is always a better place thanks to K-pop and news that surfaced about the girls’ debut performance in America created an online frenzy, leaving K-poppers in total shock and causing them to crash multiple sites.

Okay that never happened, but it should have since Girls’ Generation changed pop culture with their performances!

The first performance took place on The Late Show with David Letterman. Although the stage was too small for the “Divine Nine” to fully utilise their dancing talents, but that never stopped them from slaying. Not even keyboards could stop them! They even took things up a notch by adding an electro-pop breakdown that was not present on the original recording.

Could your faves look so sexy while *cough* performing *cough*? 

There second performance took place on Live! with Kelly. Although not as hard-hitting as the Letterman performance, they still did better than any Western artist could.The electro-pop breakdown that was heard on the Letterman performance was sadly cut out. They even had a short interview succeeding their performance and demonstrated the “rip-up” dance, which Kelly absolutely nailed!

Hopefully you have a jug of water to cool you off from the heat you’ll experience from these performances. You were warned. 

[Credit: Prophet Blog 1 and 2]

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