Tuesday, 28 February 2012

John Mayer Premieres "Shadow Days"

John Mayer - Shadow Days single
John Mayer is back! After almost two years of absolutely no music, John finally makes his grand return to the music scene. The new single “Shadow Days” premiered a few days ago – and boy is it good!

The thing I loved about John’s previous album, “Battle Studies”, was that it leaned a bit more to the acoustic-country sound. The thing is you could hear that it was not his best album and we were let with a one-dimensional sounding album.

That doesn’t mean that it was bad. For instance, we were treated to the classic that is his Taylor Swift-assisted single “Half Of My Heart”. The song was the perfect blend of soft-rock and country, widening John’s audience and showing that John is not a one-trick-pony.

“Shadow Days” digs closer to the sound he previously experimented with on “Battle Studeis”, except the southern twang is missing. The country influences are definitely there and it’s clearly visible that John has matured thanks to the self-reflecting lyrics.

If “Shadow Days” is a preview of what we can expect then I’m all for it.

Welcome back, John. 

Thanks Filthy Pop

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