Thursday, 22 March 2012

Katy Perry - "Part Of Me" [Music Video]

Has Katy Perry been playing to much “Call Of Duty” on her ex-husband’s candy-coated Xbox? By the looks of things, I stand correct! When someone like Katy’s boyfriend (or ex in the video) cheats on you, there’s nothing better to do than joining an army full of butch lesbians. That’s according to Ms. Hudson.

While a solid visual, I can’t help but be left in a state of confusion. Katy what are you trying to prove in the video? Run away from your problems and practice your GTA shooting skills? There’s no correlation between the video and the song.

The song is still a solid piece of work and seeing Katy forcing herself to be an enraged vixen only ends up looking corny and cute, it that makes any sense.

Watch the visual below. 

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