Thursday, 22 March 2012

Taylor Swift's "Ours" Smashes Chart, Hits #1

Remember that Taylor Swift video for “Ours”? The one that blatantly took a picture of my life at that moment and used it as the plot for her country smash? Yeah, that one that destroyed any chances of your faves’ Kodak-shot music videos receiving any airplay on television.

That video caused the song to finally reach No. 1 on the Billboard Country Charts. It’s Queen Tay Tay’s 6 th No. 1 on the chart and hopefully not the last. “Enchanted” has yet to continue Taylor’s infinite streak of undivided success and dominate airwaves, thus providing peace and serenity within our mundane lives.

Is there any way of stopping this unstoppable beast? At the rate that Taylor’s releasing hit singles, we might receive 3 greatest hit albums next year under our homemade Christmas trees. Can someone say “yay”? Thought so! 

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