Friday, 6 April 2012

Video Premiere: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - "Dance Again"

After deliverying a stellar single in the form of "Dance Again", Jennifer Lopez is ready to conquer the charts alongside Youtube with the single's video. To add more flavour to the spicy clip, Jenny invites her toyfriend Casper Smart to allow her sensations and fantasies to explode.

Immersed in a ton of sparkling glitter, a supermodel mother enters the room while Pitbull raps his verse. The camera then shifts to a room where the roof is flooded with a pool of half-naked men and women, who unite with Jennifer as she is elevated to the top. This is intersected with scenes of J.Lo surrounded by vibrant pink and purple colours.

I loved the video but, as someone pointed out, the video borrows elements from Kylie Minogue's gay anthem "All The Lovers". A stellar video nonetheless.

Source: [Ryan Seacrest]

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