Monday, 30 April 2012

Rihanna Dances For Eternal Life In "Where Have You Been"

Who would have thought that Rihanna would come for wigs like she did now? After forcing us to watch the millions of clips for "Where Have You Been", the Dave Meyers video premiered and appears to slide right into the folder labelled "Rihanna's Best Videos".

Rihanna starts the video off by emegring from the depths of the amazonian swamp. She then gets her Prince of Persia swag on and appears to wear a veil, similar to the one on the single's cover. The ritual begins and Rihanna comes for wigs!

We then see Rihanna dancing as if her life depends on it, doing choreography similar to that of tribal dancing. The cinematography was fantastic and so was her attempt at dancing. She finally pulled a performance that many have waited for. It is sad that it came only 7 years later!

There were parts where Rihanna seemed a bit stiff. That's not the point. The point? Rihanna is finally showing growth as a performer and proving why she is one the world's leading pop stars.

I still never forgave anyone for snubbing Rihanna's underrated 2012 Grammy performance. She gave good vocals and incredible stage presence for her standards.

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