Monday, 30 April 2012

Usher Releases Rick Ross-Assisted Single "Lemme See"

Usher gets back to releasing the music that he's good at creating - hot urban pop jams! The King of R&B unveils the cover for his new single "Lemme See". The song features one of the best rappers, in my opinion, Rick Ross.

We find Usher singing about every man's desire, which is to smell (or in this situation, be forward and see) a bunch of punani flowers protected by thin layers of panties. The production is on point, although I hear the starting synths present on Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" makes a quick visit during the beginning of "Lemme See".

I woudn't be surprised if Jim Jonsin produced this. I can hear those spacey synths and hard-hitting urban bass. Rick Ross plays his part of being a boss, rapping about his girl loving "big things" (in his case...).

If "Climax" and "Lemme See"are representations of "Looking for Myself" then Usher might have another good album on the way. I've enjoyed every album of his, although 'Raymond vs Raymond' hardly received the love his other albums did.

'Looking for Myself' comes out June 12, 2012.

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