Monday, 15 August 2011

Jason Derulo Premieres 'It Girl' Video

Jason Derulo unveiled the video for his second single ‘It Girl’ which has been getting constant plays on my phone. The Collin Tilley-directed video features black-and-white shots of Jason snuggling with “Gossip Girl” star Tika Sumpter and shows Jason exuding brilliant footwork, while other scenes feature vintage shots of the singer in dapper suits, along with solo scenes of him dancing on the beach.

“For the video, I wanted it to be an open book,” the 21-year-old singer told MTV News. “I wanted it to be almost like a photo album, so every single scene is kind of like a picture that you’re kind of looking into our relationship. So it is a 1920s vibe, it’s black and white, very high fashion—you know, you’ll see me very dapper in 1920s, Frank Sinatra-ish.”

While the video lacked a plot, it was beautiful and is another indication of Collin Tilley’s talent. The shots in the forest and outside of the house were avant garde and showed that Jason can be creative and Collin knows how to reincarnate an artists’ vision. I personally enjoyed the video's sophistication and I’ve been impressed with his videos this era. They’re better than his first.

Jason’s Moonwalk on the grass>>> your faves attempting it, yet end up looking like Frankenstein’s drugged slave on stage!

Jason Derulo's "Future History" will be released September 27.

Source: [Coco & Creme] [ Rap-Up]

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