Sunday, 16 October 2011

Listen To Snippets Of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger"

Kelly Clarkson is gearing up for the release of her upcoming album Stronger, which is due October 24th. To please fans, a 25-minute stream filled with snippets of 17 songs has been released.

Yes people, all of those fantastic leaks ("Dumb + Dumb=U" is renamed as "Einstein") are included on the album. I’m currently pleased with what I’m hearing so I’ll definitely pick up my copy upon the album’s release. In fact, one shouldn't base the strength of an album by listening to the snippets, but these songs are AMAZING! It sounds better than any pop album released this year by a mainstream female artist ("4", "Femme Fatale", "Born This Way"). 'Mr. Know It All' does not serve as an representation of this album and there are stronger songs on this album than 'Mr. Know It All'.

Listen to the tracks below and check out the tracklisting.

01. Mr. Know It All / Excluded in this clip due to copyright infringement
02. What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)
03. Dark Side
04. Honestly
05. You Love Me
06. Einstein
07. Standing In Front Of You
08. I Forgive You
09. Hello
10. The War Is Over
11. Let Me Down
12. You Can’t Win
13. Breaking Your Own Heart
-Deluxe Version Bonus Tracks-
14. Don’t You Wanna Stay (w/ Jason Aldean)
15. Alone
16. Don’t Be A Girl About it
17. The Sun Will Rise
18. Why Don’t You Try (iTunes Pre-order Bonus Track)

Thanks Toyaz-World

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