Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Neon Bunny To Return With New Mini-Album

My favourite artist of 2011, Neon Bunny, is finally getting ready to release a mini-album after shredding my $1 wig with her debut Seoulight.

The mini-album will be blessed by the hands of Cliff Lin, the same man who helmed production credits on Seoulight. The New York based musician/composer has tackled almost every aspect of the entertainment industry that the human mind could imagine, with credits to his name for crafting music for film (‘Transformers’), television (‘NCIS’), advertisements (Google, Coca-Cola), video games (The fantastic ‘Call Of Duty’), and pop stars (Ashley Tisdale, Clay Aiken). This basically means that Cliff Lin is God’s gift to the industry.

I instantly fell in love with the happy-go-lucky sound of Neon Bunny and I’ve been hooked ever since. I cannot express how this news has me shedding rivers, not only from pure excitement, but also because I pity your faves as they will be sent to early retirement once this mini-album (emphasis on “mini”) is released. 

Source: [The Prophet Blog]

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