Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rihanna Reveals "Talk That Talk" Album Covers

Rihanna Talk That Talk album cover regular
Rihanna continues to show the world her cocky attitude on her latest album cover of Talk That Talk, due November 21. The album is preceded by the lead single “We Found Love” which has been smashing records around the globe (I don’t think it deserves to, but whatever).

The pop vixen flaunts her sexiness as she licks her lips while holding her five-head in the palm of the hand that feeds us. The deluxe edition features the sultress in total shock, with smoke pouring out of her mouth. I bet she’s in shock from all of the success she’s receiving!

In other news, Rihanna was just crowned the "sexiest women alive" by Esquire magazine. The magazine also runs an in-depth article spread about the artist, ranging from her personality, the signing of her record deal, her overt sexuality, and her feelings towards Chris Brown. It’s really juicy so head over to the website to read more about it.

And she stays slaying ya faves. Who mad?

Rihanna Talk That Talk Deluxe album cover

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