Thursday, 5 April 2012

Adam Lambert Reveals 'Trespassing' Tracklisting

Adam Lambert - Trespassing
Adam Lambert finally releases the tracklisting of his sophomore album 'Trespassing'. I really hope that a second single gets released before the album's release date, since there is little to no hype left for this album. I'm still anticipating it because I'm an Adam fan, but the promotional strategies has been a mess. 

'Trespassing' is out May 15, 2012!
1 Trespassing
2 Cuckoo
3 Shady
4 Never Close Our Eyes
5 Kickin In
6 Naked Love
7 Pop That Lock
8 Better Than I Know Myself
9 Broken English
10 Underneath
11 Choke Hold
12 Outlaws Of Love
13 Runnin
14 Take Back
15 Nirvana

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