Sunday, 13 May 2012

Usher Slays 'Saturday Night Live' With "Scream" and "Climax" Performance

Usher's reign is about to erupt and burn down your faves' latest albums off the charts. The R&B/Pop legend decided to school the lessers when he took his precious time to perform on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Starting off with "Scream", Usher did exceptionally well vocally although the song required more choreography that vocalography. However, he topped the performance off with minimal moves that would qualify as a great performance.

Although he struggled to sing in his falsetto, Usher did great for "Climax". Singing in falsetto throughout the whole song would obviously be hard, as it requires time, breathing and vocal control to be able to sound just as he does on the track.

Watch here until I get a youtube link.

Chris Brown must be praying that nobody wakes him up after he watched this!

By the way, has anyone realised that Usher releases his and Justin Bieber's albums within the same month? That's what I call a clever marketing strategy!

Thanks Toyaz World

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